Man league of legends is FUN hope you enjoy

Tips to get out sliver and bronze

I can tell many people like to play legue of legends including me XD but the thing is many people get to bronze because of team, or themself but the main thing is about you! people will ask why those people in diamond was bad and they get in to diamond rank the thing is those diamond player WONT be toxic, why? becuse all of the diamon player i know, all of them where nice, for ex. did you see those LCS players did some thing toxic? but if some one really toxic all you can do is ignored them that is how you get your team going

The other things is your skill try to main one champions JUST ONE and keep playing it and the champions that you main NEED to be easy to play like Annie,master Yi,Kayle..... the mostly thing is play more rank that you use to be.

But my team really sucks

It happen to me some time when i am playing rank, what i do is face! it maybe i will lose that game but that is find becasue you not gonna stop playing this game for losing one rank game right?

Well that all i can help you guys if you really want to get out of sliver or bronze try to follow things i tell you XD thnaks for watching